Thursday, 22 March 2012

The cats' whisker...

It's fair to say that evidence to support the existence of large, exotic cats in Britain is abundant, especially if we look at the amount of scat, sheep/deer predation and paw print casts. Some would argue that such evidence isn't strong enough which is rather odd when one considers that in many a natural history documentary kills, scat, etc, are perfect when tracking an animal such as a leopard. Sadly, even in this world of so-called advanced technology we're constantly exposed to horrible blurred images of alleged 'big cats' which do nothing more than make a mockery of the research. There are many other pieces of evidence one can look for when scouring the countryside, but such traces are often considered as rather obscure in relation to the paw prints etc. Shed claws, hair samples, whiskers, are not easy to find - these are small samples which are vital to research but are rarely found - not because they aren't there, but simply because a majority of people/researchers are never thorough enough when looking. This is not a swipe, but simply a fact and the same goes for a majority of wildlife which can leave many signs, some more obscure than others - things are easily missed. A few hairs on a barbed wire fence, a claw at the base of a scratched tree, and a whisker on the doorstep.

On February 11th 2012, during the snow, an East Kent woman took several photographs of large paw prints which had appeared in her garden. However, the most startling piece of evidence came to light when the correspondent looked on her doorstep and found a very large whisker, which appears to have come from a cat such as a leopard. We have this hair in our possession, thanks to the witness, and its makes for intriguing evidence as these sort of things are not common when it comes to finds pertaining to so-called 'big cats.' At some point photo's will hopefully appear on this site showing the whisker.

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