Saturday, 31 March 2012

That leopard whisker

Isn't it amazing how many newspapers, news programmes etc are all too keen to run a story on a piece of blurry, inconclusive film said to show a 'big cat', when there's far stronger evidence being found in the countryside on a weekly basis. Recently we posted on the 'big cat' whisker discovered on a doorstep of an Ashford back garden, and here's the photo to prove it. We attach an image also of a leopard to show how the whisker compares in size and colour. Leopard whiskers taper about half way along and can measure about 7 inches - the whisker found in Ashford in six inches. It also has a two-ton eeffect to the colour, with a whitish side backed by light brown. It is strong in structure, almost feeling like a light bone. Naturalist Jon McGowan, who researchers 'big cats' down in Dorset - who also owns a whisker or two - confirmed our suspicions it was a whisker of possibly a leopard.

More evidence has also come to light recently, as well as a sighting from the 29th March of a black leopard at Ashford ( a male witness was driving on the A2070 at 12:20 pm when he saw a large, slender black cat running across a field in the vicinity of the military canal), leopard scat and a fox and deer kill have been found near Tonbridge and also Edenbridge where a large cat may well have been filmed ona  trigger camera.

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